Q&A: is she confused? does she just need time? thanks for the help?

Question by skroob: is she confused? does she just need time? thanks for the help?
pretty much my ex broke up with me NOT because she didnt have feelings for me, but because her ex and things that happened with him keep creeping up. Her and I dated about two weeks after they broke up (they were together 7 months and were engaged for one month.) She said “i just need time to be single.” I asked her if she meant she just doesnt want to date me.. she said.. “no,i dont want to date anyone.” She also hinted that when shes ready if I am still single we could get back together. She made it adament that she does not want to get back with her ex, but felt she just swept everything “under the rug.” I know I need to move on, but is it wrong to hang onto this, because I really felt something strong about her. Is space my best course of action here? She wound up contacting me the next day looking for a tanktop (which i personally dont think i haveseen.) She also hadnt been at my place in a week.. so why look for it now? Thank you

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Well, there is your answer she hasn’t been at your house in a week and now she is contacting you… see what time will do if you give her, her space. So, keep doing that and before you know it she will be wanting to be around you again.

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  1. paco2833 says:

    she wants ur attention but doest love you… the top thing is jus to mess up with ur head, coz she needs attention and she knos you like her a lot!! stand clear she run back !ouf ouf!

  2. creasicle says:

    That sucks but I definitely think you should keep your distance for a while. If you come on too strong or give her the impression you’re desperate for her to take you back she’ll run a mile.
    I don’t think the tanktop thing means anything, she could’ve just been busy.
    The best thing is to just get some space from her, DON’T CALL HER and don’t talk to her on facebook or text her, put yourself first and this will make it easier to move on.
    In time she may change her mind and want you back but you can’t put your life on hold in the hope that that will happen, it could take years or it could never happen.
    Just get some space, go out with your friends and try to enjoy your life, pining over her won’t get her back and will just make you feel worse.

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