painting the bedroom?

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Query by investing1987: painting the bedroom?
My bedroom is all blue, but it is two light of a blue i consider. I am repainting it. I am considering the backwall need to be a darker shade of blue with beige walls. I have a blue carpet.. This is a men space is this great? It has dark furniture, and dark trim. With blue blinds. I think it really should look great proper? I am pondering the back wall blue since it provides the blue rug “up”, but the beige offsets to significantly blue ideas… I think it is good for a man…

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  1. jen050ah says:

    You answered your own question :) I think it sounds great!

  2. Luv My Whitie says:

    My suggestion is to go to and use the personal color viewer to try your color combo if you are unsure. I would paint your ceiling beige also. You could also keep the lighter blue and maybe paint the other walls a chocolate brown or slightly lighter brown. I love chocolate brown and light blue and it will look great for a guy too.

  3. wildflower says:

    Yes it sounds fine to me I had a blue & beige living room once and I really liked it. You can also look for a print that has all the colors in it like geometric shapes or something like that. Guy patterns are most often square. Womens round. Or maybe you could find a painting like water & sky are blue sand is beige. If the room seems too dark, I don’t think it will, but if that happens, add some touches of white or cream color. Good luck on your decorating.

  4. angel J says:

    Hey dear..

    If you going to repaint your bedroom the i give you some suggesstions/Tips before repainting….

    Before choosing any color, ask yourself what you want; whether a traditional style or modern style. By using the right colors we can change the appearance of the room. I am suggesting some beautiful tips, you could try these tips with the help of color palette.

    If you are using cool white color for decorating the whole room, in order to avoid a monotonous atmosphere just add a few notes of energetic colors like green and cobalt blue.

    Paint one wall with indigo, dragonfly green or scarlet colors and use the same shade for few accessories like flower pots or cushions to create a sense of continuity.

    Dark colors are never advisable for small rooms as they make the rooms look smaller.

    Soft colors make the space look larger.

    If you wish to create an atmosphere of liveliness and cheerfulness, paint the walls with more intense colors such as red, dark brown and green.

    Check out the link below for the images of the beautiful bedroom….

    For more bedroom images visit below link..

    Blog at

    Hope you like the above suggestions………….

  5. pcbeachrat says:

    STAY AWAY FROM BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS..they really suk…37 year experienced painter

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