Where to have a custom fleece dog coat made?

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Question by mellowmarrow2001: In which to have a custom fleece puppy coat produced?
I would like to have two fleece “kennel rugs” created for my two border collies. I see the design and style in my head, a horse-design rug (like a weatherbeeta, I have one for my catahoula), only I will not will need it to be so climate-evidence. My borders in fact take pleasure in the cool weather, so I’d like a thing just get the chill off.

Does any person know a web site? or a particular person with a website I can speak to, that could do this? I just want a single layer of camo fleece (matching for my red merles) in the style of a horse-rug. Practically nothing fancy or thick. Just plenty of to maintain them snugly while they are in crates at agility apply and trials in the course of the cold weather.

**Make sure you will not lecture me on canines sporting apparel. This is not about “outfits” for canines. I am seeking for kennel rugs that serve a goal. To consider the chill off of my borders while they are in their crates at agility in the cool weather conditions. Pay a visit to a dog display or trial in cold climate. You will see them.**

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  1. dobiz_rule says:

    can you use a sewing machine?
    there are several patterns you can purchase at your local craft store and do it yourself.
    give an example of what you want and i can help you find a pattern

  2. Stickie:) says:

    haha, when i read the title of this thing i thought you were saying something like cruela devil making a dog fur coat~ lol


    you can also just type in “coustom dog clothing” on google.

    good for you for caring about the well eing of your doggies: i hate it when people let their dogs freeze because they think its “wrong” to put clothes on a dog. i have sweaters and some light tees for my babies just because i dont want them getting cold. plus if the dog likes to wear clothes (i dont force anything on them; like my lab hated clothes and shoes, so i wouldnt dress him (with the exception of shoes when we go hiking), but my puggle gets excited and spins around in circles every time i go near the “clothes bin”) then i say have fun playing dress up.

  3. UHave2BeKiddingMe says:

    When I had Dobermans, I had their blankets made to match my stall curtains/horse blankets ( I exhibit horses on the National Level and my dogs travel with me)

    Therefore my dogs blankets were made by the company that made my custom horse blankets. The dog blankets are styled like horse blankets.

    A company like this can make your dogs blankets for you.



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