Was the Ohio woman abducted by someone she knew or a stranger?

Issue by missingora: Was the Ohio lady abducted by a person she knew or a stranger?
Her two 12 months aged child would seem quite verbal saying “mommy’s in the rug”. If her married policeman boyfriend was involved it looks like the little boy would have stated a thing about “Daddy” but he didn’t. A person has to know one thing. Why aren’t they getting far more prospects?

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Solution by chuck48174
I definately consider that somebody she realized did it. The child would be freaked if it were another way.

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  1. thomas j says:

    they have way more leads than youde think

    and yes it was the married policeman i garentee it she threatened to tell his wife and he murdered her cut his baby out and left it on a porch

  2. vee stank says:

    it might have been her boyfriend. did she threaten to tell his wife?

  3. zento1110 says:

    This is a tough one. I feel like if the boyfriend was involved he paid someone else to do it. Like you said the child would have recognized him and probably said it was Daddy. It could also be some nut who was wanting a baby and had been stalking her to take her child. It is a very sad case. They don’t seem to be getting many leads.

  4. grapelady911 says:

    statistics show that it is most likely the husband, boyfriend etc.

    The BF is a cop, hes smart enough not to do the dirty work himself, he could get someone to do it.. or wear a mask.

    I heard speculation that if the BF and his wife were to get back together and they wanted to raise the kids themselves… this would be the way to do it, so there wouldnt be a custody battle and no maternal parent to deal with.

    remember Scott Peterson…. sad sad sad case

  5. kdh&J says:

    It seems that it was a stranger or at least not known to the son or they would have killed the young boy. On the other hand , the newborn was delivered and so far as I know unharmed. This would lead me to believe that the person responsible for her disappearance might be someone close to the family and not want to hurt the baby. Whatever happened…pray for her.

  6. blcw41 says:

    I think it was the wife(estranged wife). She has just as much motive as he does. Think about it. He’s married, goes out and screws around, gets someone else pregnant twice. That would have to be humiliating. Maybe she snapped.

  7. Scooter_Lib_ee says:

    I think the trail will lead back to one of the many acquaintances of the father of the woman’s 2 year old son. It sounds as though the woman knew whom ever is responsible for her abduction. The little boy is very verbal about certain things. I want to know more about the woman named Niki that the family is upset has been given alot of camera time in the media. The missing woman may have known her, and she may have been a stranger to the boy.

  8. Heidi B says:

    As a friend of the police officer, his wife knew about Jessie. The wife has accepted Blake as a part of her family and she knew about the current pregnancy. I believe without a doubt in my mind that Bobby is INNOCENT and whoever took her is probably a deranged woman who wanted a baby and couldn’t have one. It wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened, it happened a few years ago just north of here in Ravenna Ohio where the woman kidnapped a pregnant woman and killed her and cut the baby out.

  9. abenezerscroogexxx says:

    yes the little boy knows something, his mommy is in the rug, doesn’t that tell those investigators something.

  10. 2u-sister says:

    The little 2 year old boy was not very close to his dad…since the dad lived in a separate house. The boyfriend could have warn a disguise like a mask and taken the kid to a different room…. then he could have walked up the stares to the bedroom and assaulted the mom (Jessy) and the kid only saw the mom wrapped in the comforter as he moved the body out through the garage…. right into his car. Remember, he is a law enforcement person that know all the procedures to investigate a crime…… or commit a crime!

  11. frenchy62 says:

    I don’t know. I’ll come straight out and say it. Because let’s face it. None of us know yet.

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