Is the Reggie Bush Trial still on?

Query by indyfan95: Is the Reggie Bush Trial still on?
From what I heard, the Lloyd Lake vs Reggie Bush trial begins on Friday the 13th of March. Is that nonetheless the scenario? I am concerned it got “swept under the rug.”
the cause i am worried since i hate usc (university of sucking c**k) and would enjoy to see them get stripped of the 2004 championship and reggie bush hand his heisman more than to vince young.

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Answer by Wounded Duck
Why are you worried? What do YOU have to obtain or shed? I suppose you are one particular of individuals who will take enjoyment in seeing other people brought down. There is no legit purpose for “Worry” or else. Might I propose you get a daily life of your personal and quit residing vicariously through other individuals.

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  1. Will G says:

    USC has been caught cheating with Dwaynne Jarrett, Joe McKnight, and of course O.J. Mayo also. They are corrupt to the bone. They have been paying off witnesses though. they have even used LA gang members to intimidate witnesses.

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