wearing “drug rug” to bob dylan concert?

Query by Adam Kristle: wearing “drug rug” to bob dylan concert?
I personal one of people baja shirt, hippie poncho seeking points and am heading to see Bob Dylan tomorrow night. It’s meant to be cold and I was just pondering if it would be strange to put on that. I bought the point last 12 months buy constantly feel i search weird wearing it anywhere in public, its just so at ease.

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Solution by kristoferroland
It is a rock concert. Most of the individuals there will be stoned, blasted on cocaine, or at minimum a minor drunk, so who cares what you appear like? Most folks will probably be spending a lot more consideration to the songs.

Protection will almost certainly want to search underneath it to make confident you’re not smuggling in a bunch of medicines.

Appreciate the concert

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  1. MiMi says:

    LOL…no. I don’t think you will look strange or weird, because I just wore one not too long ago to a DMB show because it was outside and kinda chilly and I saw plenty of others in the crowd…I have 2 of those in my closet from back in the day and I have been known to put one on if I am going hiking or outdoor type stuff where I don’t want to wear anything I will ruin.
    *hope you enjoyed the concert man!*

  2. Ella says:

    People should wear ponchos everywhere!

  3. yESiTSmE says:

    A little late to answer this but I would wear it! Did you wear it? How was the show?

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